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~ The Village of the Fire Faeries ~


Yes, I can survive outside my homeland. I know that I'm a fire faery and prefer to be around very hot things (Could this be why our males are so horny? They're so hot all the time?). But you have to understand that being cool isn't so bad, but being cold is down right deadly to us and this is why you'll never see our kind far from warm climates. And if you do see one of us you are likely to only glimpse a flicker of wing out of the corner of your eye. But worry not, I write this to tell you all about fire faeries and my fabled village hidden deep in a volcano somewhere on this planet. Don't ask me where, for I shall not share.

But I will tell you, if one such as yourself could live in my world, what your eyes would see if you chanced upon my home. And I shall start with the fact that a very hot river of lava flows right through the middle of our town. And this is a good thing indeed since we faeries just love a good hot bath in the lava most hot. I do so miss this, being away from home isn't what I desire but circumstances beyond me forced this upon myself… and I must endure what I must. Perhaps if I talk to David, a bath in boiling water could be arranged and that would be most nice indeed. Yes, I'll have to ask him and see what he thinks.

Oh, sorry. I do tend to drift from time to time so please be patient. Now, to get back to all about faeries. You see; there's also a main road that runs right alongside the river. And a large road this is too! It has to be for guests of all sizes to pass by. After all, our houses are somewhat fragile if not among the most beautiful you'll ever see. And no, this is not a bold claim unfounded. Perhaps, someday, I can prove this to be true. But let me describe to you, as best I can, what our homes are like.

Every faery has a place to call home and this house is made of the most fabulous rock. It's magical rock, harvested from a secret place and then charged with magic most sacred. It is this process that brings out the properties that give the rock both a blackness that only the depths of the Earth knows and the ability to reflect light. But this rock doesn't just reflect the light but also changes it so the rock glows with a brilliance unseen. And this glowing reflection moves through the rock in waves. This is truly something words can not describe fully and I do pray that someday you'll be blessed with seeing what I speak of.

So now you know of what our homes are made but not of what lies inside! But then perhaps this is something I shouldn't share; perhaps telling all isn't the best path. I've told you of the cavern our village rests in and I've told you of the river, the road and that we have guests. Perhaps now I shall share how we faeries live. For we are a mirthful lot full of play, love, and mischief. We love to party and tease, especially those visitors we get from time to time.

I think perhaps that this is enough for now. But as I adjust to my new life, away from the home I love, I'll share more and more of who I am.


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